Cat cafe Q&A


So...What exactly is a cat cafe?
We're glad you asked! A cat cafe is a place where you can hang out with adoptable felines, sip on your favorite beverage, and snack on a yummy pastry.

Um...ew. Do you make any of the food in-house? How is that even legal?
Nope! We're partnered with a local bakery who delivers the pastries fresh every meowning. Also, because we keep the kitties in a separate room from where the food is served, the health department is totes cool with our concept.

Can I bring my own cat to hang out with me at the cafe?!
No. Please no. Trust us, we have plenty of them here for you to pet and cuddle.

Do you have an age policy?
In order to ensure the safety of our cats as well as your tiny hoomans, the minimum age for visiting the cafe is 12 years old

Do you seriously charge $15 to pet cats? Really?
The short answer? Yes - yes we do. However, if we didn't charge a cover fee, we wouldn't be able to keep a roof over our kitties heads OR supply them with the premium Fancy Feast that they deserve. And that makes us sad.

When is the best time to visit the cafe?
The most prime time kitty action occurs early in the day and late at night. Your best bet for interacting with playful and active cats is our first reservation slot of the day and the last reservation period of the night. Cats like to cat nap during the day (who doesn't?), so if you're down for sleepy snuggles, then we would recommend visiting during the middle of the day.

Where do the cats go overnight? 
The cats sleep in the cafe! You can usually find them curled up in our big front window or on their favorite beds. Pounce acts similarly to a large foster home for our kitties, so they are never caged or crated.

Where are all of the cats from??
All of the cats are provided by the Charleston Animal Society! We act as a big foster home for them, and we usually take care of anywhere between 15 and 20 cats for them at any given time. 

I fell in LOVE with a cat I met at the cafe. Can I adopt them?!
OMG YES! All of the cats at the cafe are adoptable through our partner, Charleston Animal Society. Just let us know the kitty you want to make your furrrever pal, and we can handle all of the paperwork right here in the cafe.